CogFront: cyngularitarian

The Cyngularitarian

The CogFront Manifesto refers to singularitarian optimism and pessimism. The definitions go a little something like this:

The CogFront philosophy is that of the Singularitarian Cynic. An optimist is an idealist who believes with all his heart that the best intentions always win, and a pessimist is an idealist who believes with all his heart that the road to Hell is inevitably paved by optimists. Like any other cynic, the Singularitarian Cynic is nothing more mysterious than an idealist who learns from mistakes -- mistakes of both optimism and pessimism.

The Singularitarian Cynic is a special breed of cynic, however, for he does not only learn from the mistakes he has made in the past, or those he has observed others making. The Singularitarian Cynic also has the capacity to learn from mistakes no one has yet made, that in fact he will not make if he learns their lessons well enough before their time comes.

The Singularitarian Optimist looks to the future and mistakes limitless potential for a guarantee of success.

The Singularitarian Pessimist looks to the future and mistakes limitless peril for a guarantee of failure.

The Singularitarian Cynic looks to the future and begins plotting a course around pitfalls, aiming by that wandering course toward the best possible destination. His success is not guaranteed, but it is not hindered by blind faith in either success or failure. He unflinchingly faces the challenges that face him and, rather than accepting something as perfect when it looks good at first glance, seeks out its flaws, not to denounce the miraculous goal but to ensure he will not fall prey to self-imposed blindness.

Let us call this cynical singularitarian a Cyngularitarian, and strive not to avoid the light lest it burn us, nor to reach for it without heed for the danger and die in flame, but to reach for the stars and beyond with rational caution. Let us transcend humanity, rather than cling to humanity's current limits or sacrifice it to the post-human.